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Mini Rechargeable Spray Gun


Hydro Force – Pro. Original 100-1000psi


Hydro Force – Revolution. Original 100-1000psi


Hydro Force Plus Injection Sprayer 100-1000psi


1 gallon Pump Up Sprayer TWBS


3 Gallon CR Series Sprayer


32 oz. bottle trigger, HD


32 oz. spray bottle


5 quart container with cap – Hydro-Force Plus


Adjustable Valve Only


Draw tube for the Hydro-force jug

Draw tube for the Sm jug

Dura Spray Series 2 Gal Poly Sprayer


Dura- Spray V Series 2 gal sprayer


Extensions with Fittings and Jet


Hose with Ends for SM Sprayer


Hydro Force 5 quart injection jug


Hydro Force 5 quart injection jug


hydro force jet 80-06 for Plus, Pro, and Revolution

Hydro Force Plus major rebuild kit


Hydro Force Pro repair


Hydro Force Revolution repair/rebuild kit


Hydro Force Sprayer replacement solution hose


Hydro Force Sprayer replacement solution hose w/ open female qd


Hydro-Force pump up sprayer TCBS 3


Hydro-Force TCBS pump up sprayer parts kit


Hypro 3430-0491 Valve Kit for 2300 Series Pumps


Jug with 2 openings 7 quart


Kit of Metering Tips


Large Cap for the 7 quart jug

Multi Sprayer Female QD

Multi-Sprayer 2 gallon container


Multi-sprayer Battery


Multi-Sprayer Dip Tube

Multi-Sprayer M1 Electric-sprayer (w/ carp wand)


Multi-Sprayer M2 Electric-sprayer (w/ carp. & uphol. wands) M2


Multi-Sprayer Male QD

Multi-Sprayer Suction Strainer


Multi-Sprayer TC1 model. Cordless, charges between jobs!


Multi-Sprayer TC2 model. Cordless, charges between jobs!


Multi-Sprayer Upholstery Tool


Multi-Sprayer Wand


Multi-sprayer: 10′ Polyurethane Coil Hose


Multi-sprayer: Cart


Multi-sprayer: Cigarette Lighter Cord NEW


Multi-sprayer: On Off Red Switch


Multi-sprayer: Trigger


Multispray: Trigger Valve Repair Kit (viton)


Multisprayer: 46″ Suction tube with Strainer Cap and Grommet


Multisprayer: T-jet assembly


Non-Adjustable Valve Kit




Pump Up Sprayer Solo 2 Quart Hand Held


Pump Up Sprayer Solo 454 HD 1.5 Gallon Repair Kit


Solo Backpack Sprayer 425


Solo pump repair kit


Spray 1 Electric Sprayer


Stainless Steel Pump Up Sprayer pump assembly


Stainless Steel Pump Up Sprayer replacement lance/valve


Stainless Steel Pump Up Sprayer spare parts


Valve Repair Kit Adjustable


Valve Repair Kit Non- Adjustable


RL 20 Valve/Handle/Trigger (black)


Wax applicator bottle w/ cap #5.

When looking for professional carpet cleaning sprayers, you can count on Magic Wand Company to carry all the top brands. From Hydroforce, Multi-sprayer to B&G.
Want to know the difference between a “pump-up” sprayer, inline sprayer and multi-sprayer?  Check out this article about the 3 different types of carpet cleaning sprayers.