Carpet Cleaning Machines Best Sellers:

2002CS Contractor’s Special Carpet Extractor Plus *Comes with Package – See Description*

$1,870.00 $1,777.00
$29 / month
Contractor Special Plus It?s a package deal. Designed for the busy professional, the 2002CS is powerful, heated, efficient, user-friendly, and

Endeavor 9000I-HSH with carpet wand and tile / grout wand + Hoses

$7,299.00 $6,299.00
$104 / month
Multi- Purpose Extractor for Hard Surfaces, Grouted Tile, Carpet, Upholstery, and Touchless Bathroom Cleaning. 13 Gallons, 8.4? Diameter Infinity Vacuum,

MYTEE LITE III 8070 Heated Carpet Extractor

$1,208.00 $1,148.00
$19 / month
The best selling extractor in its class. Are you looking for an upholstery spotting machine that can do the job

Vortex Lite

$4,299.00 $3,899.00
$64 / month
The most powerful portable truckmount ever made. Vortex Lite has the same guts as machines costing thousands more. Power, beauty

Carpet Cleaning Supplies Best Sellers

1/4″ male quick connector, mate to 1/4″QDFemale

$7.99 $3.95
1/4″ most commonly used connectors for truck-mounts. These QDs have stainless steel tips that withstand hotter water! See the 1/4″

CK LW 13/1 Single Motor Upright Vac

$320.25 $274.50
Dual Fan that produce 160 CFM, unheard of for a light weight vacuum that weighs only 8 lb. At only

Hydro-Force Plus Injection Sprayer 100-1000psi

$179.00 $149.00
For those that want an exceptional sprayer at a great price. The Hydro-Force Plus offers many of the great benefits

Solhose-lightweight 50ft

$45.00 $39.99
Solhose-lightweight 50 ft sections. 1/4″Preferred choice for hot water carpet cleaning. Non-marring bonded jacket with a seamless heat and chemical

Carpet Cleaning Chemicals Best Sellers

Grease Eater 2x Carpet Prespray


Best Carpet Cleaning Chemical Enzymes Restaurants Grease. Strongest carpet cleaning chemical you can buy.

Pre-spray. Build-up, trashed traffic lanes, greasy restaurants, oily facilities, trashed out apartment carpets, greasy floors (ceramic, grout, etc), stale odor from lack of cleaning, organic stains, protein stains, oil-based stains and anything you throw at it. This is a very powerful product, yet has natural ingredients. When using, do not over-spray, as gravity will take the stains down very quickly, Instead, mist and clean. This 5 gallon pail contains 30lbs of the highest concentrate of Oraganic, Oil, Dirt and Enzymatic ingredients. So, concentrated that any other similar product gets put to shame. 2 oz makes a gallon ready to use! That is 240 gallons in a pail to destroy grease, dirt and protein based stains. In a regular hydroforce (1:9) add 16 oz and the rest water.  

Magic Spell Solvent- Carpet + Tile + Upholstery Protector


Carpet & Upholstery Protector Ultra Concentrated Fluoro Chemical Fluoro Guard Protector.
Formulated by a pH.D. Chemist.
Solvent based protector for superior beading on carpet, furniture and hard surfaces.
Half gallon covers 800 sq ft of carpet, ready to use.
Also, great for furniture and oriental rugs.
No mixing. Perfect when quick drying is required.

Oxy-Blaster: Hard Floor Cleaner with Oxygen Bleach.

Gets the job done faster with concentrated balance of surfactants and oxygen bleach.
Made exclusively for carpet cleaning machines that are now being used for hard surface cleaning.
Formulated by Dr. Aziz, PhD Chemist, and field tested by veteran carpet cleaners.
Ultra Concentrated.
In pump?up sprayer use 1.5 oz to a gallon. In hydroforce use 18 oz. Give 15 minute dwell time. For natural stones, if the stains are deep inside give it 15 minute dwell time so Oxy-Blaster has time to get absorbed and bleach the stains that have migrated inside. As a booster for carpets add 2 oz in pump-up sprayer, and 4 to 8 oz in hydroforce in addition to your regular pre-spray. pH 12.

Oxy-Blaster is not a bleach that causes damage when used in a proper dilution.

Trashed Green Gel

$45.00 $39.99
Green Carpet Cleaning Chemicals Safe Rug Institute Approved CRI Highest Concentrate 1:64 Carpet and Rug Institute
CRI approved Chemical for carpet! Click here to see CRI approval letter.


The Work Horse Package

$10,999.00 $9,999.00
$166 / month
This package has just about anything you would need to successfully start or expand your pressure washing business. Engineered to

12 HP Honda 3500psi 3.3gpm w heat

$7,172.00 $5,336.00
$88 / month
Honda Pressure Power Washer with Electro Magnetic Firing. This hot water power washer holds the heat as you blast away

12 HP Honda 3500psi 3.3gpm w heat

$7,172.00 $3,650.00
$60 / month
Showroom model – only very slight blemishes. Honda Pressure Power Washer with Electro Magnetic Firing. This hot water power washer

Aluminum pressure washer 14 HP 4 gpm 4000 psi

$1,799.00 $1,499.00
$24 / month
This commercial aluminum pressure washer 4400 PSI @ 4.0 GPM is a high-performance machine with an ultra lightweight aircraft grade


Complete window cleaning package

$3,399.00 $3,099.00
$51 / month
Complete window cleaning package to increase the new start-up and the expanding businesses chance to succeed. Includes all these items:

Residential Window Cleaning Package

$3,200.00 $2,860.00
$47 / month
#1: TUCKER 3 STAGE RO/DI CART Looking for an RO/DI cart that produces more water than any other 40″ RO

Tucker Fill N Go – Single User

$90 / month
Single water-fed pole user and not interested in a mobile spot free water system? Want to be able to bring

The T-Rex Package

$3,053.08 $2,808.83
$46 / month
When it comes to the perfect water-fed set up for residential window cleaning, nothing compares to this. Starting with the

Water Damage Restoration Best Sellers

Phoenix FOCUS Axial Air Mover

The new Phoenix AirMax is a radial air mover with outstanding performance (925 CFM and 1.9 amps), as well as

Microban Disinfectant Spray Plus

Protects against germs and odors on virtually any surface. Microban?s antimicrobial action kills disease-causing germs, bacteria, fungi, mold, and mildew.

7000LX Flood Hog? Flood Extractor

$2,449.00 $2,327.00
$38 / month
Portable flood restoration. Mytee?s 7000LX Flood Hog? is a professional, portable flood extractor designed specifically for large flood restoration jobs.

PACKAGE: x3 AIR MOVERS AND x1 Phoenix Drymax XL

$58 / month
  1)- Phoenix Drymax XL INTRODUCING THE FIRST EVER ULTRA-PORTABLE XL LGR The groundbreaking Phoenix DryMAX XL is revolutionizing the