Price Guarantee:

Buy with confidence. We want our customers to always get the best price. We scan the market and reduce the prices to the lowest they can be.

Quality Guarantee:

Our goal is your 100% satisfaction! If for any reason you do not like what you bought from us, return it for a refund up to 60 days. Items must be in good condition and packed well. Customer responsible for shipping both ways. Custom, machines, power wands & installed items excluded.

Security Guarantee:

Magic Wand Company has obtained the highest level of credit card security compliance in the world. Only less than 30% of the companies nationwide have achieved this and even less in the cleaning and disinfecting industry. Click on this logo to see our current standing.

All credit card information is stored on the credit card companies secure servers. It’s encrypted and then goes through the servers of Cloudfare, a cyber security company. Employees & owners of Magic Wand Company can not see any information except for the last 4 digits of any card #.