How to start a carpet cleaning business in seven basic steps.

start a carpet cleaning business

By Colin Croteau

How to start a carpet cleaning business

In 7 steps

How to start a carpet cleaning business.  So, you’ve decided to become self-employed. Thus, you have given up the 9-5 life once and for all. If you are faint of heart, it is best if you avoid this track. 

But, if you think you can handle it, then welcome! In this unlimited scalable business, the profits are amongst the highest.

Running a carpet cleaning business can seem complicated and competitive. This can leave you frustrated at times.

You can give yourself a head start because of the internet. The interactive videos and articles online can give you crucial information. Like, the ins and outs of the industry. From the cleaning itself to the more financial related aspects like how much to charge. A smart thing to do is watch some videos that show how to clean the carpet. There you can see if this is even something you want to get involved in. And, what you would expect the 1st fee days of your life to be like.

 But, remember that all you see online is not always what is right. Look into reputable institutions like the Institute of Cleaning and Restoration – IICRCThe Carpet & Rug Institute – CRI and Industry publications like the Cleanfax magazine.

 Without further adieu let’s discuss it, how to start a carpet cleaning business.

 Step one:

 You should 1st start with Market Analysis by visiting the U. S. Census. and see if the area you want to service has the kind of homes and offices you plan on targeting.

If you are not willing to do the above research, then consider buying a carpet cleaning franchise instead

Step two:

 Unless you are born with a golden spoon, you only have two choices. One is to save money and the other is financing. Start-up costs can be in the thousands. You’ll want to save at least $2000 before you start your carpet cleaning business. To be able to buy a machine with $2000 or less, you won’t have many choices. But, it is still possible to get a Basic carpet cleaning extractor for this price. And, with Magic Wand Company, you even get $1000 worth of training free.

 Don’t have money or don’t want to wait to save?

Finance your carpet cleaning equipment

Step three:

Further your education

Education information included free with Magic Wand Company’s starter business packages. There are videos and IICRC training manuals for Carpet and Upholstery cleaning. This is a great place to start. Discover new information with some relished classics. It even includes a price list to get you going right away.

 Step four:

 Now that you are confident that you know the basics, spend some time practicing at home. If you don’t have a carpet at home, ask a family friend. You should start with their synthetic rugs 1st. Then, you can try the natural fibers on carpet and furniture.

 Step five:

 So you’ve learned the basics, you’ve cleaned some carpet, and you are ready to do some real-life, paid work! Congratulations. It’s an exciting time for you. Now, it’s time to start networking. You’ll also want to contact as many people as you can, within your inner circle, to let them know what you are doing. Make sure to have some business cards printed to pass along.

 Step six:

 As you start making money, don’t stop learning. Seek help from professionals like Taf Baig, an IICRC Instructor, at Magic Wand Company. He will assist you when road bumps come your way. You must start saving money as you work, as you’ll almost want to upgrade your equipment.

 Step seven: 

Repeat what works

Now that you are beginning to get established, keep repeating steps five and six. Never be afraid to seek help, and always try to do your best.

 There you have it, seven basic steps on how to start a carpet cleaning business!

For more information on carpet cleaning, whether it be education, products or even marketing, see the company known for helping carpet cleaning companies start their business. Start your carpet cleaning business now!

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