Portable & Electric Truckmount Vacuum Motor Bench Test

Magic Wand Company: Motor Bench Test

Since we get so many questions about the motors that we sell that are the most popular motors used in portable and electric truckmounts, we thought it would be beneficial to our customers and others to do a bench test to show them raw data.

Not only did we want to share this with our customers, but we also wanted the prospective customers to learn.

So, March 2019, I asked Alfredo Torres, out East Coast Regional Office Mechanic, do a bench test. He tested the 2 stage motors, 3 stage motors, Mytee lx motors 6.6 and Jaguar 8.4 motors.

These are as close to as you can get to real life.

When getting a truckmount or portable, there is only one place you can trust, that is Magic Wand Company. Since 1991, it has made new and expanding businesses rich by helping them select machines that will give them more bang for their buck?. Motor Bench Test


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