All kinds of glides for your carpet cleaning wands, glides with holes, glides with slots, and even Hybrid. Teflon or plastic.

Wand glides for every wand. Send us a picture, email or text picture from your phone.
[email protected] or text 775-843-8889. Or Call Toll Free 877-926-3748.

Watch the difference the glide makes:

Want a real wand with Stainless Steel rounded glides built in? Check out our best selling wand, The Big Boy Wand:

Big Boy Wand.

Glides are very hard to come by now. If you want the right one, you have to be patient. It will take some time for you to get your glide. If you wish to not charge you until it ships, please call and let us know. Average time for delivery is 3 to 14 days.

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CMP AW29 12″ Wand Glide


CMP/Blueline/Cobb BigBoy/Greenhorn 14″ Low Profile Wand Glide


Hydrahoe 12″ Single jet EXTERIOR fit


HydraMaster Hydrahoe 11′, Single Jet, NEW Style


HydraMaster Hydrahoe 12″ Wand Glide

PMF 10″ Stair Tool Glide – Dual Jet


PMF 10″ Stair Tool Glide – Single Jet


PMF Mach 12 Glide

PMF Mach 15 Glide


Prochem Titanium Glide (Standard Fit)


Prochem Titanium Glide (Undersized Fit)

Rotovac 360 – Acetal Glide Holder(s)


Rotovac 360 and 360i, Slot Version – Glide(s)


RX-20 – Conversion Skid(s)


RX-20 – Glide(s)


Sapphire Scientific 12″ Titanium Wand Glide

Sapphire Scientific 14″ Titanium Wand Glide

US Products Evolution 12″ Wand Glide

US Products Evolution 16″ Wand Glide

Westpak “Classic” 14″ Low Profile Wand Glide (Titanium and Steel)

Westpak/PowerClean/Bigboy2 14″ Glide