Welcome. Come on in…

You are now visiting our sales office.
This is Dee Dee (on the left) and her assistant Gail (on the right). Gail’s job is to take care of Dee Dee. Dee Dee’s job is to take care of you!

In town or out of town visitors always have a place to sit and relax.


Here is Brian. He makes sure you get your package. He fly’s to get your order ready the instant you place it!

Here is Suzy, double checking AJ’s work. We double check, tripple check and quadruple check everything…

Even our carpets get dirty…
Trouble with your machine? Need the impossible? Paul is our ASE Certified Master Technician. There is nothing about machines, cars or electrical components he doesn’t know. Seriously.
Here is the beautiful Minda. She runs the Hispanic sales department. Yes, she speaks Spanish. Why do you ask?
Watch a video of our filling plant:
We know shipping. USPS featured our company as an example for others.

Sales Office Looks Beautiful at Sunset – Taken by Taf 11-01-11:
Alright, there are a few of us behind the scene as well (the ones who lift heavy bags, mix the chemicals and hammer a nail).
Thank you for visiting. As you can see, we all take pride in serving you. Our Customer!!!
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