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Choosing upholstery tools, furniture tools, can be difficult for the novice. First, you need to know that upholstery cleaning is different from carpet cleaning. Because the material used in the construction of upholstery fiber is up to 50% is pure cotton. And the rest, up to 90% is cotton blended with some other fabric.

Institute of Inspection Cleaning & Restoration – IICRC Teachers, as early as the 90’s taught dry cleaning when teaching upholstery cleaning. But, as time went on, they learned that upholstery did not respond well to solvent cleaning alone. Since most of the spots and stains were water-based. They did not come out easily when dry solvent cleaning. But, upholstery tools that control the flow of water reduce browning and bleeding.

Upholstery Cleaning Training

Upholstery Manual

Dri MasterMytee Dry, and the Rotovac Sheer Dry revolutionized the upholstery cleaning. The controlled the water flow, which resulted in reduced browning and bleeding.

Want to learn more about Upholstery Cleaning? Read Taf Baig’s IICRC Upholstery Cleaning Manual.





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