Samples: Not Real IICRC Exam Questions

IICRC WRT (Water Damage Restoration) Test Examples:

Water Damage Restoration Test Question & Answers

1) The study of the relationship between air volume and the amount of moisture it holds at a specific temperature expressed as a percentage of that air’s total moisture holding capacity is called:

(A) Drying

(B) Humidity
(C) Psychrometry
(D) Ambiance

Harmful microorganisms present in blood or other potentially infectious
materials, that could cause disease or death in humans are know as:

(A) Bacteria

(B) Bloodborne pathogen
(C) Malaise
(D) Humectant

3) Any material that absorbs and retains moisture retains moisture or water vapor from the air is known to be:

(A) Hepatotoxin
(B) Mesophilic

(C) Mycotoxin

(D) Hygroscopic

4) Delamination means:

(A) Seperation of primary and secondary damage
(B) Seperation of primary and secondary backing
(C) None of the above
(D) A and B both

5) The person at an insurance company that interprets a policy and works with contractors involved in restoration is known as?

(A) Inspector
(B) Agent
(C) Adjuster
(D) Risk manager

6) The following are potential routes of exposure for workers?

(A) Inhalation, contact with mucous membranes, ingestion and dermal
(B) Physical, mental, combined and thermal

(C) All of the above
(D) None of the above

7) What does H.A.T.T an acronym for?

(A) Hot, Alveolar, Temperature, Test

(B) Hydrostatic, Absorption, Toxicity, Threshold Limit Value
(C) Haitian Cotton, Absorption, Textile, Temperature
(D) Humidity, Airflow, Temperature, Time

IICRC CCT (Carpet Cleaning Technician) Test Examples:

1) Which of the following fibers are protein based:

(A) Olefin

(B) Wool and Silk

(C) Polyester

(D) Cotton and Jute

2) The temperature at which a dry solvent will ignite is called:

(A) Explosion

(B) Ignite

(C) Flash point

(D) Emulsion

3) When the primary backing and the secondary backing separate, what is it called?

(A) Messed up

(B) Delamination

(C) Separation

(D) Fluffing

4) What percentage of soil is insoluble in water?

(A) 43 to 45%

(B) 74 to 79%

(C) 22 to 26%

(D) Varies

5) Where should you empty your waste tank?

(A) Storm drain

(B) Street

(C) Sanitary sewer

(D) Your fresh water tank

6) TACT is an acronym for what?

(A) Time Act Clean Truck

(B) Time Agitation Chemical Temperature

(C) Tufted carpet

(D) 4th generation carpet

7) The process of drying is called?

(A) Wicking

(B) Capillary Action

(C) A and B above

(D) None of the above

8) What is the ideal pH for cleaning wool:

(A) wool is not affected by pH

(B) 4.5-8.5

(C) neutral only 7.0

(D) dry clean only solvents

9) Which one of the following carpet fibers is the most absorbent and will require the longest to dry:

(A) nylon

(B) olefin

(C) wool

(D) polyester

10) Cellulosic fibers come from:

(A) petrochemicals

(B) plants

(C) animals

(D) minerals

11) Which of the following fibers are protein:

(A) nylon, polyster

(B) wool, silk

(C) polyester, olefin

(D) cotton, acrylic

12) A wool fiber may be used in a commercial building for what reason:

(A) low flammability

(B) rich look and feel

(C) wool is not affected by aggressive cleaning

(D) wool is inexpensive

13) Which chemical will dissolve wool:

(A) chlorine bleach

(B) formic acid

(C) folic acid

(D) sodium chloride

14) The most popular synthetic carpet fiber is:

(A) nylon

(B) olefin

(C) acrylic

(D) polyester

15) Nylon is most affected by what type of stains:

(A) oily

(B) dry soil

(C) acid dyes

(D) soft drinks

16) Fourth-generation fibers contain what additive to improve soil and stain resistance:

(A) fluorochemical

(B) solvent

(C) sodium hypochlorite

(D) acetic acid

17) Which fiber is most stain resistant:

(A) nylon

(B) wool

(C) olefin

(D) cotton

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