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DriFi  Remote Monitoring System DriFi Remote Monitoring System

Real-time wireless jobsite monitoring anywhere, any time.

DriFi is the easiest way to manage restoration jobs effectively and efficiently. You can monitor jobsite conditions, selected Dri-Eaz iSeries dehumidifiers and overall drying progress from any web browser. Plan site visits based on real-time data to minimize wasted time and trips. And at the end of the job, you can produce better, more reliable documentation to get paid faster!

Dri-Fi is available exclusively online through OmniSense, the leading provider of remote monitoring systems. Follow the links below for pricing and purchase information.

DriFi Remote Monitoring Kit purchase options

•1 G-3-C-GSM gateway with 3G GSM cellular option
•T-Mobile SIM card
•10 GE BLD9050/OmniSense S-900-1-2.0 wireless moisture sensors
•20 sensor mounting screws
•2 2 dB dipole antennas with RP-SMA connectors
•5.0 volt wall power supply (100–240 VAC input)