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Heavyweight Solution Scrub Brush Set
Heavyweight Solution Scrub Brush Set

Our Price: $269.94


Package includes; 1 Heavyweight® Scrub Brush, 1Baseboard Brush, 1 Adjustable Leg Brush, 1 Instructional DVD and 1 Laminated Training Card

The Heavyweight® Scrub Brush – A 16 lbs. weighted scrub brush that applies a constant force on the floor so the user doesn’t have to, no more bending or using their back. Other features include:

· The ergonomically designed pistol grip allows the user to stand up straight with both hands on the pistol grip and simply push and pull in a back and forth motion.
· A hinged handle allows for cleaning under kitchen equipment or tables utilizing that same 16-pound force.
· Built-in wheels allow for easy transportation to and from the cleaning area.
· A removable bristle pad allows for easy cleaning, pad replacement or separation of pads, one for the kitchen and one for the dining room.

Baseboard Brush – A great tool for cleaning mop slop off of baseboards while allowing the user to stand. No more getting on their hands and needs to accomplish the task.

Adjustable Leg Brush – Use for cleaning around kitchen equipment legs, wheels, restrooms partitions or any other objects fixed to the floor.

Proper education and introduction of The Heavyweight¨ Scrub Brush is key to its success. Included with each set or individual Heavyweight Scrub Brush is our 7-minute instructional DVD and quick reference laminated training card.

WARRANTY: The Heavyweight® scrub brush has a two year warranty on the pole and weight assembly and a six month warranty on the bristle pad. If you can wear it out in six months we will give you a new one for free.