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3 types of carpet cleaning sprayers

Choosing the right carpet cleaning sprayer

Know the difference in the 3 most popular types of carpet cleaning sprayers. You’ll find it will make your life easier and jobs completed faster. 
So let’s talk about three types of sprayers, how they function, and when the right time to use them is:

The classic “pump up sprayer

This type of sprayer is extremely common not only in carpet cleaning but in many other industries as well. They can also be used in tasks that can be performed around the house. From gardening to disinfecting, chances are you’ve run into one.  What is the difference between the sprayers used for the carpet cleaning business? The sprayers for the carpet cleaning business have “Viton seals”. Viton seals are resistant to solvents. And they are often used to spray chemicals that remove oil-based stains.

How it functions:

Take off the pump handle. Fill the sprayer with liquid, as directed on the carpet cleaning chemical instructions. Put the handle back on. Pump thoroughly and adjust the nozzle to the desired output. Spray away. 

Best time to use:

Smaller jobs such as spot cleaning, or upholstery cleaning. Pump sprayers allow you to spray in an isolated area and help to prevent overspray. And, when you are starting and you don’t have too much work.

The “inline sprayer” 

Inline sprayers are almost completely exclusive to the carpet cleaning business. Some power washing businesses may use a similar sprayer. However, you’ll often find, the hydro-force inline sprayer type in carpet cleaning.


How it functions: 

The inline sprayer is a fantastic sprayer to use as it is efficient, saving both time and money. You add concentrated carpet cleaning chemicals to your container. The sprayer dilutes it for you with water. And there is no pumping involved. Rather, the sprayer utilizes the pressure from the extractor or truck-mount to perfectly spray the solution.

Best time to use:

The inline sprayer is best used in carpet or tile and grout cleaning. It allows you to inject the solution evenly onto the floor. The sprayer uses the pressure of the machine. Because of this, take precautionary steps so over-spray of the chemical does not occur. It is a fast method of spraying your chemistry but should not be used in upholstery cleaning. Upholstery is often a tight weave. Since it is not parallel with the floor, using an inline sprayer can cause overspray. This could result in damage to delicate surfaces, such as hardwood floors, near the piece of upholstery. And, of course, overwetting upholstery that can lead to browning or bleeding.

The “multi-sprayer”

Multi-sprayers are kind of an in-between, between a traditional pump sprayer and an inline sprayer.

How it functions:

Multi-sprayers are often electrically powered. These kinds of sprayers have an internal pumping system. As the name implies, they have a multiplicity function. Because you can input more than one cleaning chemical in them. The most common one used in the carpet cleaning industry is the rechargeable 12-volt multi sprayer.

Best time to use:

Multi-sprayers are best used when you will be spraying more than one surface type at the same time. Carpets, tiles, upholstery, in the same job. Allowing you to switch between each chemical without a hiccup. And, when you are tired of fighting with your other cheap sprayers.
Whatever kind of carpet cleaning sprayer you want, we have it.
Written by Taf Baig, IICRC Carpet Cleaning  Instructor.



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