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Grease Eater Carpet Prespray
Best Carpet Cleaning Chemical. Strongest carpet cleaning chemical Triexta SmartStrand

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2x concentrate (Makes 120 gallons 1/4 of the weight of pail) = $89.99 [Add $75.00]
2x concentrate 2 for $69.00 ea. [Add $138.00]
2x concentrate 3 or more for $64.99 ea. [Add $194.97]
2x concentrate 30lb pail for 299 SALE $255.86 [Add $255.86]
30% Off First Time Purchase of 2x Concentrate = $55.30 = [Add $55.30]
30lb pail = $189.00 $169.00 [Add $169.00]
Grease Eater 2-30lb pails = $159.00 each [Add $318.00]
Grease Eater 3-30lb Pails [Add $447.00]

Grease Eater is a powerful Prespray with a high pH to clean "trashed" carpets and synthetic furniture.
It quickly dissolves stubborn spots and stains so you can easily rinse them away. It decreases your cleaning and spotting time so you can increase your production and income. Here are some key benefits of Grease Eater:
  • 1 to 64 dilution means that only 2 oz will make a ready to use (rtu) gallon.
  • pH of 10 neutralizes the pH faster.
  • Surfactants loosens up the dirt quickly.
  • Citrus (delimonene) dissolves oil based stains like grease and oil. Helps break the oily bond associated with Polyster, Olefin (see a Video), Triexta and Nylon.
  • Oxygen (hydrogen peroxide) makes organic stains like coffee and urine just disappear.
  • Organic salt conducts the heat evenly throughout the Grease Eater and your solution for even and stronger cleaning.
  • Enzymes (natural) are grown specifically for Grease Eater. These enzymes are not "lab made" like competitors. These enzymes, that can also be called beneficial bacteria, dissolve protein based stains and odors.
  • Great fragrance (not just a scent but a perfume) makes it pleasant for you and your customer.
  • Crystallizers help you and your customer keep the carpet cleaner than water or using other popular chemicals.
  • Specifically designed by our founder for his own carpet cleaning business to help him reduce labor costs.
  • No chemical works better on "trashed out" restaurants and apartments.
What is the X Series. Like the Grease Eater 2X?
In 2008, we discovered a surfactant that was organic but 12 times more powerful than what was available on the market. This led us to move from phosphates (that have environmental issues) to using this new surfactant to make Grease Eater even stronger. The surfactant content and the content of other contents (like Citrus, Oxygen, Enzymes) are double of what they are in our regular Grease Eater. The reduction in the size of the surfactant also decreases the freight cost and Grease Eater's environmental footprint.
Here is what people are saying about the Grease Eater:
"Forwarding results optained from your chemicals.
Just wanted to send you some pic's of a foreclosure job I did today.
Pre-Sprayed with a combination of Grease Eater and the new Surfactant with a bump of Citrapure ..............Great results.
Mike Bernth"
Carpet Cleaner Puyallup

"This is Brien. Used Grease Eater. Need I say more?" Brien, Brian O'Brien

"This product rocks. I've tried them all. If you are called to clean super dirty carpets, this is your bomb!"
Cassin Rose, Advanced Solutions.

"We've been using Grease Eater in a restaurant called "Egg Haven." It's a breakfast place and we clean it bi-monthly. At one time we were using a rotary machine to get the grease up, but with Grease eater we just use wands because the Grease Eater is doing all the work. It just makes the job go a lot quicker since we don't have to go over it with the rotary and the wand. It has cut down that job by about 45 minutes."
Mike Elliott, Clean USA, DeKalb, IL

"We clean Denny's and Wendy's Restaurants, we don't clean very much residential. With all the traffic areas and the heavy traffic areas, all you really need is the Grease Eater. And it is so concentrated! As little as you use compared to the other chemicals we used to use. We've actually tried some other brands like Grease Eraser Procyon recently but they just didn't do well and we came back to the True Blue Grease Eater!"
John Glover, The Glovin Group, Kissimmee, FL

"I use Grease Eater on Tile and Grout. I use it for both commercial and residential tile and grout and it cleans 10x better than any other product I've tried!"
Michael Olsen, Olsen's Carpet Cleaning, Carson City, NV

"We use Grease Eater for pet urine and pet odor. You know that stale odor from a dog sitting in one area all the time? Grease Eater is fantastic to break it up. We pre-spray with Grease Eater and even in the extreme jobs were there is piddle all over the place, we don't need to individually treat each spot. We've even noticed that when we spray an entire area, the stains will lighten up and even disappear right before our eyes as we watch. We use 3x more then we used to because we have started using Grease Eater exclusively to get these stains out for the ease of use. We also don't have ant Post-Spotting because the stains are gone! One shot, Boom and knock it out. Thanks Taf for coming up with this stuff!"
Dave Johnson, State of the Art Cleaning Service, Vacaville, CA

Important note to users: Enzymes contained in Grease Eater are natural. We are the only company in the industry that makes them from scratch. They are grown on a farm in Georgia. This allows for a product that works better. Others use synthetic enzymes. The way to tell what is natural and synthetic is to look at the labels and see if it says anything about how hot the water can be. Natural enzymes bread and multiply fastest in warm water and die in boiling water. When using Grease Eater for it's ability to work best on food based stains like protein, make sure that the water temperature is less than 180 degrees

Click here to see the SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

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September 12, 2018
Reviewer: Bill Holliday from Seattle, WA United States  

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Oh my God August 31, 2018
Reviewer: Johnny Johnson from Wake Forest, NC United States  
I've found a new solution for carpet cleaning.  Never new powder could be so powerful!

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excellent August 27, 2018
Reviewer: John Strong from Eastern Heights, Queensland Australia  
grease eater works better than any other detergent I have ever used and the smell is buitiful

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Grease Eater works and smells great! August 22, 2018
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Redding, CA United States  
This has become our go-to prespray, taking out stains without having to use the heavier spot treatment solutions.

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Grease Eater August 19, 2018
Reviewer: Jimmy Hill from Warner Robins, GA United States  

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