Magic Wand Company

Dedicated to the Success of our Customers

Taf Baig, the founder of Magic Wand Company and the founder of a large cleaning company that he built from scratch was always interested in Chemistry, especially how it applied to cleaning.  Early in his career, he hired chemists and started studying what chemicals would work best.  As time went by and Taf learned more and more about the chemicals the carpet cleaners were using, he was shocked to find out how toxic these chemicals were.  So, he started on a mission to bring the carpet cleaner and the Chemist together to find safer chemicals that worked well cleaning.  

Word spread about the quality

At first, Taf just used these chemicals in his carpet cleaning business, but the word got out and more and more people started coming to buy from him.  That was the advent of Magic Wand Company.  It was started in the 1990’s to provide Food-Based products that actually worked.  The company grew rapidly not only because of how safe the products were but also how well they cleaned.  

Traveled around the country teaching others to succeed

Taf was hired as an IICRC Certified Instructor for Cleanfax Magazine to teach at their Expos and was a part of their “Dream Team”.  He taught on cleaning topics in different cities every month. 

Now, he has brought this Education to his own Company

Since then, Magic Wand Company expanded nationwide, with locations in the east coast, mid-west and west coast.  

It’s not just chemicals anymore

Magic Wand Company just didn’t stick with Chemicals for long, they took advantage of their large chemical customer base to expand into the sales and service of carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, restoration, pressure washing machines, window cleaning, and duct cleaning. 

#1 for start-ups

Magic Wand Company has become well known as the company start-ups choose to partner with.  Every single day, Magic Wand Company helps it’s new and old customers start or expand into one of the above businesses.  But, helping them start is just the beginning.  Magic Wand Company is known for its exceptional ongoing support.