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Advanced Spot and Stain Removal Class
Advanced Spot and Stain Removal Class


Product Code: SANDSCLASS

June 21st 2019, Rahway NJ - FREE CLASS 9:00-1:00


Everything you ever wanted to know about how chemistry applied to carpet cleaning is right here.

You will learn how to take out any stain you will ever encounter by:

  • Understanding the chemistry of the stains you'll find
  • Know what a product needs to tackle any stains
  • How to use these advanced techniques to remove spots using only 4 products.

Watch even the hardest to remove stains just disappear!

Its not just to show you what products to use, but how you don’t need many products you already use to remove stains.

1 CEC IICRC Credit/1 Day

(9 am to 4:00 pm)