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Marble Polishing Powder Restoration Powder, 5lb pail
Marble Polishing Powder Restoration Powder, 5lb pail

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Produces an unbelievable natural gloss quickly on lightly scratched or etched marble floors and counters. Does not burn or etch the floor. For polished marble and other natural stones. Extremely economical - no water added. Contains the highest amount of Aluminum Oxide (an expensive fine abrasive). This is what all the major casinos use.
Here are some pictures I took of a job. Marble that was etched by some soda or chemical. I applied the powder and added water. Used the center hole of a brown pad. Worked in circular motion then wiped. I still noticed some marks, so I concentrated on where the marks were and then I also polished the entire area. The reason to do the entire are is because the repaired part will look shiner than the rest. Taf
PS To figure out if a soft stone like a marble can be polished with this is to take a quarter and glide it across the surface. If there is some hesitation or the quarter stops in a scratch, then you need to grind, not polish.