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Ozone X5000
Ozone X5000

Our Price: $795.00

Product Code: CTI4160

The new CTI “OZONE-X5000” reaches new highs in Ozone production with outputs to 5000 mg. / hr. This is a machine built for performance, simplicity, and reliability. The new OZONE X5000 not only leads the industry in Ozone production but also excels in high volume throughput with dual high pressure fans to drive the Ozone Gas. Once you plug this machine in… get out and close the door because it is immediately pumping out an amazing concentration of Ozone with high volume air flow to assure distribution of the gas.

Safe for rubber.

More about Ozone from Taf:

Ozone or O3 is the Earth's natural purifier and disinfectant. The 3 represents three oxygen atoms that make-up Ozone. The normal Oxygen we breathe is called O2, and is made up of only two chemically linked Oxygen atoms.

The fresh clean smell you experience once you have a thunder storm is the smell of Ozone, which is created from lighting during an electrical storm. Ozone is also created by the Sun's ultra violet rays.

So, how ozone works to remove odors is that one molecule of Oxygen has a weak hold on the others, and is more than willing to transfer electrons with other organic substances, such as bacteria, and viruses. This single Oxygen atoms binds with the other substance, causing it to oxidize and turning it into something else. For example rust is Iron oxidizing into Iron Oxide. The byproduct of Oxidation in this case is simply O - a single Oxygen atom.

How this machine works is by creating O3 in much the same way as the sun does. Inside this ozone generator's chamber is a high intensity Ultraviolet (UV) light. Compressed air is forced into the generator's chamber, which then converts oxygen in the air into Ozone. Just like the layer of Ozone in the Earth's upper atmosphere protects us from most of the harmful UV rays produced by the Sun.