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fiber rinse, crystal rinse, carpet rinse, crystallizer Crystal Rinse 2x

New: Crystal Rinse gets an upgrade for 2012!
More Oxygen to help remove organic stains from your rinse.
More Citrus to help remove oil based stains from your rinse.
More Crystallizers to keep the customers fabric and carpets cleaner longer.
More Surfactants to help you clean faster.
Half the Water to cut down environmental waste from packaging and shipping.

Green Carpet Cleaning Chemicals Safe Rug Institute Approved CRI Highest Concentrate 1:64 Trashed Green Label

Green Carpet Cleaning Chemicals Safe Rug Institute Approved CRI Highest Concentrate 1:64

Carpet and Rug Institute

CRI approved Chemical for carpet! Click here to see CRI approval letter.

Dilution: 1:64, 16oz of Trashed Green and the rest water in non adjustable hydroforce, pump up sprayers use 2 oz to a gallon. Safest environmental product on the market. Not only that, the dilution is 1:64 and for unbelievable performance we added Oxygen and Citrus. It is a prespray and a detergent in one for carpets, tile, and grout. It also removes mold and mildew. Use trashed green for a carpet prespray, carpet cleaning chemical, tile and grout cleaning, hard surface cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and as an unbelievable spotter when used at 1:16 dilution. So throw away all those overlapping products from other manufacturers. Using this product, you can easily get 10 cents more per sq. ft. (or up to 33% more). Window washers have also discovered the cost savings in Trashed Green. One ounce makes a gallon of window cleaner that cuts through organic and solvent stains

Now ALL Carpet Cops use best green carpet cleaner:

See how we make our Trashed Green:

Trashed Neutral Trashed Neutral

Approved by the EPA's DfE program.
Trashed Neutral is a cleaning company's ''bread and butter''. It's as concentrated as a surfactant can get (1:64). That
means each gallon makes up to an incredible 64 gallons ready-to-use. It cleans many surfaces with ease. Carpet,
upholstery, hard floors, wood floors, glass, cabinets, decks and even cars. Cleaners often also sell this to their customers
to help them keep their floors clean between cleanings. As a pre-spray check for colorfastness 1st. Dilute 1:64 - 2 oz. in
1 gallon sprayer. 16 oz. in a regular Hydroforce (1:9) fill the rest with water. Adjustable Hydroforce, add it straight and set
the dial at 1:64. As a detergent, use 16 oz. to your 5 gallon truckmount stock. Portables add 1 oz. per 5 gallons of tank
water. Boost your Trashed Neutral with our Citra-Pure when you encounter grease or olefins. Add our Nitro to add
oxygen to it - which will boost it to remove organic stains like coffee and urin

Trashed Red is Neutral Heavy-Duty Pre-spray and Detergent in one! Now color free and fresh citrus smell that customers love! When we started to make a pre-spray and detergent in one, we questioned everything. Like, why couldn’t we make it neutral and boost the cleaning ability by adding solvents? Why could it not be used on floors? Why could it also not work on upholstery? Why could it not be used on all surfaces? While probing into everything, we also brought the chemist and cleaner together, thus fine tuning every detail. Trashed Neutral is a neutral pH pre-spray and detergent in one that does what they told us we couldn’t do. It is powerful for trashed carpets, yet gentle for all. True 1:64 dilution!!! Does Not Contain Butyl! As a pre-spray for carpets & floors dilute 1:64 (16 oz of “Trashed Neutral” and the rest water in regular hydroforce 1:9 dilution, adjustable hydroforce add entire bottle and set dial at 1:64, “pump-up” sprayers use 2 oz to a gallon). As a detergent, use 16 oz for 5 gallon truck-mount stock and 1 oz to 5 gallon for portables. For upholstery use 1 part of trashed and 64 parts water in a quart sprayer and mist on stains then rinse using a acid based cleaner like our Powder Rinse. On “trashed” carpeting, use it as a prespray and detergent. Can be used to clean Leather - as long as it is "finished leather".

Click here for MSDS

Learn more about the "Trashed" Series here.

World’s Best Dry Fabric Cleaner Worlds Best Dry Fabric Cleaner

World’s Best Dry Fabric Cleaner has a high solvency cleaning agent & specialized detergents to safely & effectively clean fabrics which cannot be cleaned using wet cleaning methods, like some furniture, drapes, lamp shades, clothes, etc..
Use with solvent cleaning machine or for hand cleaning, spray with sprayer & dry with towel.
Excellent money maker for you. Odorless.
Ready to use.
This is a 100% solvent and 100% VOC. Check local and state requirements for use.

Click here for the MSDS sheet