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Green Carpet Cleaning Chemicals Safe Rug Institute Approved CRI Highest Concentrate 1:64 Trashed Green Label

Green Carpet Cleaning Chemicals Safe Rug Institute Approved CRI Highest Concentrate 1:64

Carpet and Rug Institute

CRI approved Chemical for carpet! Click here to see CRI approval letter.

Dilution: 1:64, 16oz of Trashed Green and the rest water in non adjustable hydroforce, pump up sprayers use 2 oz to a gallon. Safest environmental product on the market. Not only that, the dilution is 1:64 and for unbelievable performance we added Oxygen and Citrus. It is a prespray and a detergent in one for carpets, tile, and grout. It also removes mold and mildew. Use trashed green for a carpet prespray, carpet cleaning chemical, tile and grout cleaning, hard surface cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and as an unbelievable spotter when used at 1:16 dilution. So throw away all those overlapping products from other manufacturers. Using this product, you can easily get 10 cents more per sq. ft. (or up to 33% more). Window washers have also discovered the cost savings in Trashed Green. One ounce makes a gallon of window cleaner that cuts through organic and solvent stains

Now ALL Carpet Cops use best green carpet cleaner:

See how we make our Trashed Green:

Unsmoke™ Wall Wash - Biosolv/Chemspec Unsmoke Wall Wash - Biosolv/Chemspec

Specially formulated for cleaning smoke damaged hard surfaces. Prepares walls for painting. Increases efficiency
of any cleaning agent when added to it.

This powerful pre-treatment agent contains special brightening and deodorizing agents. 1- 3 oz makes a gallon!

ODORx 9-D-9™ ODORx 9-D-9

A highly-concentrated general purpose odor counteractant.
9-D-9 is a general purpose smoke odor counteractant specially formulated to manage fire, smoke and other strong
odors. Blended with the finest-quality ingredients, 9-D-9 helps to detoxify and knock down malodors fast and
efficiently. 2 oz makes a gallon!

Microban X-590 Institutional Spray Plus Microban X-590 Institutional Spray Plus

Microban X-590 is a water-based bactericide, fungicide, deodorant, and insecticide with tracer.

This disinfectant and insecticide not only kills gram negative bacteria typically encountered in sewage backups and toilet overflow situations, but it also kills roaches, lice, fleas, ants, beetles, and bedbugs and their larvae.

Microban X-590 is EPA registered for spray application, and can be used on soft surfaces, including carpet, wet-cleanable upholstery and furniture, and mattresses. This formula includes a fluorescent tracer, which is especially important when proving compliance with local regulations for mattress treatment.

X-590 Institutional Spray is ideal for use in communal living facilities, such as college dormitories, prisons/correctional institutions, hotels, and more.

Restoration professionals can use X-590 during cleanup on trauma scenes or after disasters.

*Not available in California

Microban Disinfectant Spray Plus Microban Disinfectant Spray Plus

Protects against germs and odors on virtually any surface.
Microban’s antimicrobial action kills disease-causing germs, bacteria, fungi, mold, and mildew.
Suitable for use on carpets, upholstery and mattresses, Microban Disinfectant Spray Plus is used
for decontamination applications including sewage backups, removal of carcasses, and more. RTU
*Not available in California