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Magic Potion Magic Potion, Detergent and Pre-Spray All in One

Magic Potion is a Pre-spray & Detergent in one! This concentrated powdered formula contains no harmful chemicals and is made from products found in food. You’ll be surprised with its cleaning ability, while doing your part in preserving the environment. It is also loaded with natural water softeners to improve cleaning performance & to keep your machines clean. Formulated by Chemists, and field tested by veteran carpet cleaners. This 100% biodegradable concentrate contains descalers, has water softeners (conditioners), is anti-resoil to reduce resoiling, 100% soap free (so leave the defoamer behind!), non-corrosive, non-fouling, aggressive enough for non-stain resist carpets, and gentle enough for stain resist. Will not strip away the stain resistancy of carpeting. If added directly to your fresh water tank, it acts as a water softener to keep the insides of the machines clean. pH balanced at 8.5 Extremely economical. Make your own cleaning solution (Mix 12 oz of Magic Potion in 1 gallon of water). Truck-mounts dilute 1 1/2 lbs (24 oz) in 5 gallon stock solution for carpet and furniture cleaning. Meter 2 to 4 depending on dirt. Portables dilute 2 to 4 oz in 5 gallons. Fresh water tanks add 1/2 to 1 oz per gallon of water. Hydroforce use 16 oz. Pump-up sprayers dilute 2 oz in 1 gallon. Bonnet cleaning dilute 1 to 2 oz in 1 gallon. Rotary cleaning dilute 2 oz in 1 gallon. Spot remover dilute 1 part to 64 parts water. Upholstery, Fire, and Water Restoration dilute 1 to 2 oz in 1 gallon. You can even make your own cleaning solution!

Below is the Label for Magic Potion 4X:

Carpet Cleaning Chemicals.  Best Selling Carpet Cleaning Pre-spray.  Approved by the Carpet and Rug Institute and Manufacturer Waranties.  Completely Crystalizes to Keep the Carpets Cleaner Longer than even Water Alone. Powdered Power Pre Spray and Detergent

100% Crystallizing formula now approved for use as a detergent! Powdered Power Pre-spray & Detergent We’ve taken the water out, so you can save $. Not only does this pre-spray work on dirt stains, but also on oil based stains. Most stains come out just from cleaning, so you need to do very little (if any) “hands & knees” scrubbing. As a pre-spray: 2oz with water makes 1 rtu gallon! One jar (6lb)makes 48 gallons of pre-spray. That is only $0.68 a gallon! Steamin Demon users add 8 oz to the pint container add water and stir until dissolved. 100% soap free As a detergent: 16oz for medium to lightly soiled carpets, for heavily soiled carpets add 24 oz in your 5 gallon stock solution. Stock metering at 3. Portables add 1/2 oz per gallon of water. Bane Clean users add 1/4 oz per gallon of water. Stain Resistant Carpet safe at 9.8 pH 100% soap free so leave the defoamer behind! In a regular (1:9)hydroforce, add 16 oz and the rest water. Shake well before each application. PP Contains detergent, citrus and oxygen!

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PP 4X Label Below:

Carpet Cleaning Encapsulator Atomic Encapsulator (Crystalizer)

We've taken the water out, so you can encapsulate and save! This is a true crystallizer that surrounds the left behind dirt. Dries 100% brittle with no sticky residue to keep the carpet cleaner longer! 1/2 oz. in a gallon of water is all this concentrate needs to cut through the toughest oil, water and organic based stains while encapsulating. Microscopic encapsulation means your customer can vacuum when they would regularly vacuum, which means you don’t have to come back and the carpet will become even cleaner. 7.5 lb. jar makes 240 gallons and encaps up to 720,000 sq. ft. 30 lbs. encaps up to 2,880,000 sq. ft.

Encapsulation-Encap-Cryastalizer. This is a true crystallizer that surrounds the left behind dirt. Dries 100% brittle, with no sticky residue that keeps the carpet cleaner longer! Pleasant orange smell. Made from safe and natural ingredients. 1 7.5lb jar cleans approx. 80,000 sq ft! Add 1/2 oz to 1 gal. water, stir until dissolved. Consumer Alert: Our competitors products contain optical brighteners that make the carpet look shiny and white, but as the carpet dries and the days that follow, the carpet gets “duller”. Plus, optical brighteners are not environmentally safe and not approved for carpet use by many institutions, including the IICRC Carpets get even cleaner the next day! Now that is a unique technological breakthrough! No other encapsulator can say that! Made for use with Cimex, Brush Pro, Trinity (Grumpy), CRB and all other bonnet cleaning machines.
Click here to see the SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

Best Carpet Cleaning Chemical. Strongest carpet cleaning chemical Triexta SmartStrand Grease Eater Carpet Prespray

Best Carpet Cleaning Chemical Enzymes Restaurants Grease. Strongest carpet cleaning chemical you can buy.

Pre-spray. Build-up, trashed traffic lanes, greasy restaurants, oily facilities, trashed out apartment carpets, greasy floors (ceramic, grout, etc), stale odor from lack of cleaning, organic stains, protein stains, oil-based stains and anything you throw at it. This is a very powerful product, yet has natural ingredients. When using, do not over-spray, as gravity will take the stains down very quickly, Instead, mist and clean. This 5 gallon pail contains 30lbs of the highest concentrate of Oraganic, Oil, Dirt and Enzymatic ingredients. So, concentrated that any other similar product gets put to shame. 2 oz makes a gallon ready to use! That is 240 gallons in a pail to destroy grease, dirt and protein based stains. In a regular hydroforce (1:9) add 16 oz and the rest water.

citrus cleaner Citrapure

90% Citrus rind extract.
Compare to others with 10% or less extract and rest water!
Pure citrus concentrate is a great smelling pre-spray additive and spotter that works wonders on "trashed" carpeting, automotive grease & oil, tar, cosmetics, adhesive, chewing gum, ink, paint, and carbonized soil.
5 to 10 times stronger than any other brands.
Do not spray directly on plastic products.
Use solvent resistant sprayers.
Pre-test before use.

citrus cleaner Citrapure Blend

90% Citrus rind extract.
Compare to others with 10% or less extract and rest water!
Pure citrus concentrate is a great smelling pre-spray additive and spotter that works wonders on "trashed" carpeting, automotive grease & oil, tar, cosmetics, adhesive, chewing gum, ink, paint, and carbonized soil.
5 to 10 times stronger than any other brands.
Do not spray directly on plastic products.
Use solvent resistant sprayers.
Pre-test before use.

Citrapure Powdered Citrapure Powdered

Citra Pure powdered is a powerful degreaser that when added to your regular pre-spray removes most if not all oil bases stains, so there is very little hands and knee scrubbing required.
Most oil based stains like automotive grease & oil, tar, cosmetics, adhesive, ink, paint, and carbonized soil come out just from the pre-spray alone.
Add 1 to 2 oz per gallon to any pre-spray or use it by itself as a prespray (it does have added ingredients to remove dirt as well).
Click here for the MSDS sheet

pure surfactant Surfactant

SURFACTANT is a detergent that when dissolved in water, gives it the ability to remove dirt from surfaces. SURFACTANT enables the cleaning solution to fully wet the surface being cleaned so that dirt can be readily loosened and removed. SURFACTANT molecules have a hydrophillic (water-loving) head that is attracted to water molecules and a hydrophobic (water-hating) tail that repels water and simultaneously attaches itself to oil and grease in dirt. These opposing forces (micells) loosen the dirt and suspend it in the water for extraction. Addition of heat multiplies this action. It is not a blend of different ingredients. It’s 100% pure surfactant. pH 12. Use it on any surface that can handle a pH of 12. Fresh clean fragrance.

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Strongest carpet cleaning chemical Trashed (II) High pH: Sludge, Slime and Grime

We know you work hard and don't have time to fight with "trashed" floors, therefore we have formulated Trashed High pH. It is made for the ultimate filth on carpet & floors. Once again we brought the cleaners and chemist together for this unique product. Not only does it work good, but it ships for free in 48 states when you buy a case or more. Trashed High pH also works like nothing before it on greasy restaurant floors and carpet. With a pH of 13, it is definitely not something to play around with.
Do not use on light fabrics that are clean. Do not use on most upholstered fabrics. Trashed High pH contains no naphthas, carbon tetrachloride, benzene or chlorinated solvents. As a pre-spray for carpets, floors, decks & siding use 4 to 8 oz in "pump-up" sprayer. In a regular Hydro-force use 32 to 64 oz and the rest water. Dilution 1 to 32. MSDS sheet printed on label.

Nitro - the Ultimate Booster Nitro - the Ultimate Booster

Supercharge your cleaning pre-spray and detergent and make it easy as a breeze to remove tough stains like coffee, browning, smoke, urine, air-filtration lines, some furniture stains and many more. Also, brightens colors and deodorizes.
Buffered, the pH does not fluctuate.
You can add it to the Hydroforce, pump-up sprayer and your cleaning chemical. Test for compatibility before beginning. Do not use on delicate fabrics like found on furniture. Do not use on dark fabrics.
Mix well.
As a detergent in truck-mount 5 gal stock add 2 to 4 oz..
In regular Hydroforce add 4 to 8 oz..
In “pump-up” or electric sprayer add 1/2 to 1 oz..
Portables add 1/2 oz per 5 gallon.
dilution 1:64 - 1:960, depending on application.
pH 10.

Click here for the MSDS sheet

Removes most coffee and urine stains when added to your pre-spray! A lot less “hands and knees” scrubbing is needed with this technique. Product sold by weight not volume. Produces Oxygen when added to water!

Green Carpet Cleaning Chemicals Safe Rug Institute Approved CRI Highest Concentrate 1:64 Trashed Green Label

Green Carpet Cleaning Chemicals Safe Rug Institute Approved CRI Highest Concentrate 1:64

Carpet and Rug Institute

CRI approved Chemical for carpet! Click here to see CRI approval letter.

Dilution: 1:64, 16oz of Trashed Green and the rest water in non adjustable hydroforce, pump up sprayers use 2 oz to a gallon. Safest environmental product on the market. Not only that, the dilution is 1:64 and for unbelievable performance we added Oxygen and Citrus. It is a prespray and a detergent in one for carpets, tile, and grout. It also removes mold and mildew. Use trashed green for a carpet prespray, carpet cleaning chemical, tile and grout cleaning, hard surface cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and as an unbelievable spotter when used at 1:16 dilution. So throw away all those overlapping products from other manufacturers. Using this product, you can easily get 10 cents more per sq. ft. (or up to 33% more). Window washers have also discovered the cost savings in Trashed Green. One ounce makes a gallon of window cleaner that cuts through organic and solvent stains

Now ALL Carpet Cops use best green carpet cleaner:

See how we make our Trashed Green:

Trashed Neutral Trashed Neutral

Approved by the EPA's DfE program.
Trashed Neutral is a cleaning company's ''bread and butter''. It's as concentrated as a surfactant can get (1:64). That
means each gallon makes up to an incredible 64 gallons ready-to-use. It cleans many surfaces with ease. Carpet,
upholstery, hard floors, wood floors, glass, cabinets, decks and even cars. Cleaners often also sell this to their customers
to help them keep their floors clean between cleanings. As a pre-spray check for colorfastness 1st. Dilute 1:64 - 2 oz. in
1 gallon sprayer. 16 oz. in a regular Hydroforce (1:9) fill the rest with water. Adjustable Hydroforce, add it straight and set
the dial at 1:64. As a detergent, use 16 oz. to your 5 gallon truckmount stock. Portables add 1 oz. per 5 gallons of tank
water. Boost your Trashed Neutral with our Citra-Pure when you encounter grease or olefins. Add our Nitro to add
oxygen to it - which will boost it to remove organic stains like coffee and urin

Trashed Red is Neutral Heavy-Duty Pre-spray and Detergent in one! Now color free and fresh citrus smell that customers love! When we started to make a pre-spray and detergent in one, we questioned everything. Like, why couldn’t we make it neutral and boost the cleaning ability by adding solvents? Why could it not be used on floors? Why could it also not work on upholstery? Why could it not be used on all surfaces? While probing into everything, we also brought the chemist and cleaner together, thus fine tuning every detail. Trashed Neutral is a neutral pH pre-spray and detergent in one that does what they told us we couldn’t do. It is powerful for trashed carpets, yet gentle for all. True 1:64 dilution!!! Does Not Contain Butyl! As a pre-spray for carpets & floors dilute 1:64 (16 oz of “Trashed Neutral” and the rest water in regular hydroforce 1:9 dilution, adjustable hydroforce add entire bottle and set dial at 1:64, “pump-up” sprayers use 2 oz to a gallon). As a detergent, use 16 oz for 5 gallon truck-mount stock and 1 oz to 5 gallon for portables. For upholstery use 1 part of trashed and 64 parts water in a quart sprayer and mist on stains then rinse using a acid based cleaner like our Powder Rinse. On “trashed” carpeting, use it as a prespray and detergent. Can be used to clean Leather - as long as it is "finished leather".

Click here for MSDS

Learn more about the "Trashed" Series here.