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"I maintain approximately 3 million square feet of various floor surfaces in our entire school district, spread out in several schools with 140 custodians. I have tried many products over the years during my 20 year career, and have found all of Magic Wand products to work the best. I use Powdered Power as a pre-spray, it takes out dirt stains, grease stains and organic stains just from that pre-spray. This saves us countless hours on labor. For tile and grout we use Oxy-Blaster. I find that when the Oxy-Blaster gets absorbed into the grout and when we use high pressure, you can get out almost all the blotchiness out. All the products are concentrated and of course with 3 million square feet to maintain, we always meet the shipping minimum. LOL. With Magic Wand�s 3 distribution centers around the country, we even get our orders quickly.
I have found that the reason Magic Wand products are much better than the local suppliers is that they make their own products and don't have to water them down to give distributors margins which typically are 40%. I also get unbelievable technical support from Taf, who has been there and done that."
Desi Rivera, Laramie County School District #1