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Pro 1200 w/ 120 gallon waste tank Pro 1200 w/ 120 gallon waste tank

  • Reduced footprint: Only 21 × 41 × 62 inches (W × H × L) — saves room in your vehicle.

  • True dual-wand machine with a max pressure of 1,200 psi.

  • Built-in, pre-filter box: Simplifies maintenance by capturing debris before it enters the recovery tank.

  • Better serviceability: Easy access to blower and pump to check fluid levels and belts. Hoods come off very quickly for service.

  • Designed to last a lifetime: The new 80-gallon TIG-welded, 3/16-   inch, marine-grade aluminum submount tank provides excellent weight   distribution in the vehicle.

  • Fuel-saving speed controls: Choose low (900), middle (1,100) or   high (1,400) RPM — significantly lower engine speeds than the   competition. This conserves fuel, prolongs van engine life and   truckmount components without compromising performance.

  • Ready to work: The Pro-1200 SE unit comes fully assembled, tested and ready to slide in and bolt to the floor.

Our Price: $22,907.00
Pro 1200 w/ 105 gallon waste tank Pro 1200 w/ 105 gallon waste tank

Three 50' section of 2" vacuum hose

Three 50' sections of high pressure solution hose

One 50' section of water inlet hose w/ quick connect

One 2" quad jet, 12" wand

Installation Kit

Sapphire chemical startup kit

Our Price: $22,907.00