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Magic Potion Magic Potion, Detergent and Pre-Spray All in One

Magic Potion is a Pre-spray & Detergent in one! This concentrated powdered formula contains no harmful chemicals and is made from products found in food. You’ll be surprised with its cleaning ability, while doing your part in preserving the environment. It is also loaded with natural water softeners to improve cleaning performance & to keep your machines clean. Formulated by Chemists, and field tested by veteran carpet cleaners. This 100% biodegradable concentrate contains descalers, has water softeners (conditioners), is anti-resoil to reduce resoiling, 100% soap free (so leave the defoamer behind!), non-corrosive, non-fouling, aggressive enough for non-stain resist carpets, and gentle enough for stain resist. Will not strip away the stain resistancy of carpeting. If added directly to your fresh water tank, it acts as a water softener to keep the insides of the machines clean. pH balanced at 8.5 Extremely economical. Make your own cleaning solution (Mix 12 oz of Magic Potion in 1 gallon of water). Truck-mounts dilute 1 1/2 lbs (24 oz) in 5 gallon stock solution for carpet and furniture cleaning. Meter 2 to 4 depending on dirt. Portables dilute 2 to 4 oz in 5 gallons. Fresh water tanks add 1/2 to 1 oz per gallon of water. Hydroforce use 16 oz. Pump-up sprayers dilute 2 oz in 1 gallon. Bonnet cleaning dilute 1 to 2 oz in 1 gallon. Rotary cleaning dilute 2 oz in 1 gallon. Spot remover dilute 1 part to 64 parts water. Upholstery, Fire, and Water Restoration dilute 1 to 2 oz in 1 gallon. You can even make your own cleaning solution!

Below is the Label for Magic Potion 4X:

Carpet Cleaning Encapsulator Atomic Encapsulator (Crystalizer)

We've taken the water out, so you can encapsulate and save! This is a true crystallizer that surrounds the left behind dirt. Dries 100% brittle with no sticky residue to keep the carpet cleaner longer! 1/2 oz. in a gallon of water is all this concentrate needs to cut through the toughest oil, water and organic based stains while encapsulating. Microscopic encapsulation means your customer can vacuum when they would regularly vacuum, which means you don’t have to come back and the carpet will become even cleaner. 7.5 lb. jar makes 240 gallons and encaps up to 720,000 sq. ft. 30 lbs. encaps up to 2,880,000 sq. ft.

Encapsulation-Encap-Cryastalizer. This is a true crystallizer that surrounds the left behind dirt. Dries 100% brittle, with no sticky residue that keeps the carpet cleaner longer! Pleasant orange smell. Made from safe and natural ingredients. 1 7.5lb jar cleans approx. 80,000 sq ft! Add 1/2 oz to 1 gal. water, stir until dissolved. Consumer Alert: Our competitors products contain optical brighteners that make the carpet look shiny and white, but as the carpet dries and the days that follow, the carpet gets “duller”. Plus, optical brighteners are not environmentally safe and not approved for carpet use by many institutions, including the IICRC Carpets get even cleaner the next day! Now that is a unique technological breakthrough! No other encapsulator can say that! Made for use with Cimex, Brush Pro, Trinity (Grumpy), CRB and all other bonnet cleaning machines.
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