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Truck-mount Equipment Descaler Try NEW Oxyblaster Low pH
Try NEW Oxyblaster Low pH


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Product Code: DESCALER

Our new truckmount descaler cuts the descaling time in half. Contains no dangerous hydrocloric acid. See how quickly it works in the video below. Contains inhibitors that protect against metal corrosion. 1 quart treats an average truck-mount!
We no longer carry the Truckmount Descaler. We highly recommend the Oxyblaster Low pH that will descale your truckmount AND

*Low pH cleaner for bathrooms

*Renewing grout lines that don’t improve with our regular Oxy-Blaster (High pH)

*Removing rust from carpet and floors

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This product is a low pH cleaner made out of Phosphoric Acid, similar to what is produced in our stomach to digest food. You can use this one product for many uses