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Anti-Static Spray Anti-Static Spray

Eliminates static electricity on carpets and fabrics. Does not contain any harmful acids and is non- combustible. Fast drying and non-tacky. One application lasts up to six months or next cleaning. Can be used for all carpets and fabric except stain- resistant type. Excluded from free shipping offer. Dilution: 1 gallon with 2 gallons of water. pH:(ready-to-use) 6.0-7.0.

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Defoamer - Powdered - Super Concentrated Defoamer - Powdered - Super Concentrated

Easy pouring Powder Defoamer is odorless and soluble in water.
Super-concentrated. Will not stain carpets.
Biodegradable. Dilution 2-3 Tbl/100sq ft. pH: Neutral

Click here for the MSD sheet

Excluded from Free Shipping Offer

World’s Best Dry Fabric Cleaner Worlds Best Dry Fabric Cleaner

World’s Best Dry Fabric Cleaner has a high solvency cleaning agent & specialized detergents to safely & effectively clean fabrics which cannot be cleaned using wet cleaning methods, like some furniture, drapes, lamp shades, clothes, etc..
Use with solvent cleaning machine or for hand cleaning, spray with sprayer & dry with towel.
Excellent money maker for you. Odorless.
Ready to use.
This is a 100% solvent and 100% VOC. Check local and state requirements for use.

Click here for the MSDS sheet

Dry Cleaning Sponges - 6x3x2 Dry Cleaning Sponges - 6x3x2

For dry cleaning fabrics and cleaning painted surfaces, wall paper, acoustical tile, paneling, lamp shades, paintings, & drapes.
Individually wrapped.

How to use:
Vacuum the area to be cleaned thoroughly.
You don't need to add anything more to the sponge (like water).
Wipe the area to be cleaned with the sponge.
For spots, use it as an eraser.
Sponge can be washed in washer and air dried for use again.

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Try NEW Oxyblaster Low pH Truck-mount Equipment Descaler Try NEW Oxyblaster Low pH

Our new truckmount descaler cuts the descaling time in half. Contains no dangerous hydrocloric acid. See how quickly it works in the video below. Contains inhibitors that protect against metal corrosion. 1 quart treats an average truck-mount!
We no longer carry the Truckmount Descaler. We highly recommend the Oxyblaster Low pH that will descale your truckmount AND

*Low pH cleaner for bathrooms

*Renewing grout lines that don’t improve with our regular Oxy-Blaster (High pH)

*Removing rust from carpet and floors

1 Product 4 Uses.

This product is a low pH cleaner made out of Phosphoric Acid, similar to what is produced in our stomach to digest food. You can use this one product for many uses

Beginner Dye Kit Beginner Dye Kit

Includes 12 colors, Bleach Neutralizer, Dye Prep, pH Adjuster, Fiber ID Acid, Hot Stuff Stain Remover, Kool Aid Remover, Snow White Brightener, mixing cups, applicator, brush and 50-minute video, manual and carrying tray.  Other accessories also included.  Refills available.

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