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Pixie Powder Rinse
Pixie Powder Rinse


Product Code: PIXIE


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Pixie Powder Rinse: Carpet Rinse, Furniture Cleaner, Wool Cleaner, & Urine Stain Remover.
Pixie Powder Rinse is a unique Citric Acid based cleaners that not only reduce the chances of browning, but also reduces previous browning. It is an all purpose rinse used for residue free rinsing & to remove residue from prior cleaning.

Low pH (2.2) rinse for carpet cleaning, furniture cleaning, wool and other natural rugs, & for removing browning/yellowing due to urine.
Always test for colorfastness & shrinking before use. As a carpet rinse, upholstery cleaner, & oriental rug cleaner, use 32 oz in 5 gallon stock & meter at 3. In portable use 3/4 oz per gallon. Bane-Clean users who add it to fresh water tanks, add 3/4 of an ounce per gallon.
To remove yellow stains caused by urine, add 9 oz per gallon in sprayer and lightly apply. Massage it into the stain using brush/gloves. If you "spray & go", then do not over saturate.

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