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Employee Training Video Link Employee Training Video Link

The most extensive employee training video for beginners ever made. -Train any employee quickly -Teaches Carpet Cleaning -Teaches Upholstery Cleaning -Teaches Oriental Rug Cleaning -Teaches Pre-spraying -Teaches basic Spot Removal -Teaches how to use Protectors -Teaches Odor Removal -Teaches Customer Service -Teaches how to hook up hoses and operate wands -Teaches chemical usage and proper terminology -Shows the steps of cleaning -How to use plastic tabs and foam blocks -Actual job in action -Teaches professionalism -Freshly made June 2005 with all updated information -High resolution movie quality (nothing like the You Tube sample below) -Directed by a certified IICRC instructor. -Not only will your employees learn, but even you new owners You could easily save thousands of dollars in new employee mistakes by having them watch this incredible video. Think about it as insurance for your company.
Watch a small sample of the video on YOU TUBE:

Our Price: $99.00
Sale Price: $39.50
You save $59.50!
Tile & Grout Cleaning Class: Unedited in its entirety Tile & Grout Cleaning Class: Unedited in its entirety

Regularly $99.00 but now on Sale!!!
Tile and Grout Cleaning using a Truck-mount or Portable.
In this easy to follow video Taf walks you through the process of cleaning Tile and Grout successfully and profitably.
You’ll learn how to identify the different types of Tiles and Grout.

Watch a short sample on You Tube:

Reduce Cost and Maximize Profit DVD Reduce Cost and Maximize Profit DVD

The Master speaks... Taf Baig the Founder of Magic Wand Co. gives you all his secrets. Taf is an IICRC Master Textile Cleaner who built a successful multi-truck carpet cleaning business from a few thousand dollar investment. He is also a teacher and writer for the industry respected Cleanfax magazine. Reduce Cost & Maximize Profit. In this video Taf shows you how he built his business from a 2 door Chevy Cavalier into a multi-truck operation, which he successfully sold in 2003. This 2 hour unedited class goes through 25 money making and cost reducing principals that are guaranteed to make you more money instantly.

Our Price: $99.00
Sale Price: $24.99
You save $74.01!
New Marketing Principles & How They Apply To Carpet Cleaning DVD New Marketing Principles & How They Apply To Carpet Cleaning DVD

New Marketing Principles & How They Apply To Carpet Cleaning. You’ve heard it before - Price, Product, Place & Promotion. But what does that really mean to a carpet cleaning company? Well, now you can spend 2 hours with Taf Baig, who has a Bachelors Degree in Marketing and 15 years of carpet cleaning experience. Not only will you hear about the 4Ps of Marketing, but also what has been added to them recently and is even more important to a carpet cleaning company. This video will give you a better understanding of Marketing your business and save you thousands in bad advertising dollars. Guaranteed to get you a step ahead of your competition or your money back. Movie quality DVD shot during one of Taf’s regular classes Oct 2005. Watch the beginning of this video below:

Our Price: $99.00
Sale Price: $29.50
You save $69.50!
Carpet Cleaning Marketing Class DVD Video Marketing: The Next Level: Electronically Delivered!

Carpet Cleaning Marketing Class DVD Video

All New The Next Level: Learn how to tap into each customer to the Max. See a preview:

Whole House Inventory.

Delivered Electronically!

Our Price: $99.00
Remove any spot from any carpet. Advanced Spot and Stain Class DVD -On Sale for Limited time! *SPECIAL EMAIL LINK SALE

Advanced Spot and Stain Class. If you haven’t ever attended this amazing class, now is your chance to get it on video. Everything you ever wanted to know about how chemistry applies to carpet cleaning. You will learn how to take out any stain you will ever encounter. It doesn’t just show you what products to use, but how you don’t need many products you already use. You’ll understand the chemistry and learn how to use these advanced techniques remove spots using only 4 products. Shot in movie quality with lots of hands on demonstrations. Watch the hardest to remove stains just disappear. You feel like you are really there! This is the only class of its kind ever.

"Just watched this Movie! I wish I had
not spent the money with the other guys! Taf made everything so easy to understand. I will be a lifetime customer."
Bart Doss

Our Price: $99.99
Sale Price: $9.99
You save $90.00!
Commercial Carpet Cleaning Marketing Commercial Carpet Cleaning Marketing

Commercial Marketing.

For anyone who would like to get a boat load of lucrative carpet cleaning accounts, this dvd is a must have. Easy simple 3 step approach. You will be trained and ready to go after watching this class. Chemistry, equipment, estimating, proposal, defining the customer and how to find that customer. Maintenance programs to create steady income. Add-ons like partition (cubicle) cleaning, and a lot more. Taught by Taf Baig, Master Textile Cleaner and IICRC Instructor, "who has been there and done that". Covered topics:
Prospecting for the right customer
Building a route the
3 steps explained what you will clean
Keys to getting the key to the building
Methods of cleaning
Machines and systems
Carpet tiles
Wool in executive suites
Your new best friend
Name branding your company
Discipline with a schedule
Estimate sheet, and more

100% money back guarantee.

Why everyone needs this:
You can go years and spend thousands of dollars trying to find a system that works. But, all that will do is bring you to this system that works. So, save yourself the money and headache and get this DVD and start on the right foot right away!

Learn more:
Slide show video.


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