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Magic Potion, Detergent and Pre-Spray All in One
Magic Potion

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30lb Pail of Original Formula 154.99 = $135.00 [Add $135.00]
4X Concentrate. Makes same as 30lb pail, but weighs 4X less = $119 $99.99 [Add $99.99]
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Magic Potion is a Pre-spray & Detergent in one! This concentrated powdered formula contains no harmful chemicals and is made from products found in food. You’ll be surprised with its cleaning ability, while doing your part in preserving the environment. It is also loaded with natural water softeners to improve cleaning performance & to keep your machines clean. Formulated by Chemists, and field tested by veteran carpet cleaners. This 100% biodegradable concentrate contains descalers, has water softeners (conditioners), is anti-resoil to reduce resoiling, 100% soap free (so leave the defoamer behind!), non-corrosive, non-fouling, aggressive enough for non-stain resist carpets, and gentle enough for stain resist. Will not strip away the stain resistancy of carpeting. If added directly to your fresh water tank, it acts as a water softener to keep the insides of the machines clean. pH balanced at 8.5 Extremely economical. Make your own cleaning solution (Mix 12 oz of Magic Potion in 1 gallon of water). Truck-mounts dilute 1 1/2 lbs (24 oz) in 5 gallon stock solution for carpet and furniture cleaning. Meter 2 to 4 depending on dirt. Portables dilute 2 to 4 oz in 5 gallons. Fresh water tanks add 1/2 to 1 oz per gallon of water. Hydroforce use 16 oz. Pump-up sprayers dilute 2 oz in 1 gallon. Bonnet cleaning dilute 1 to 2 oz in 1 gallon. Rotary cleaning dilute 2 oz in 1 gallon. Spot remover dilute 1 part to 64 parts water. Upholstery, Fire, and Water Restoration dilute 1 to 2 oz in 1 gallon. You can even make your own cleaning solution!

Dilutions for 4x Version
Extremely economical. Truckmounts dilute 4 oz. to 6 oz. in 5 gallon stock solution
for carpet and furniture cleaning. Meter 2 to 4 depending on dirt. Even less for
darker carpets. Portables dilute 1/2 to 2 oz. in 5 gallons. Hydroforce 4 oz. Fresh
water tanks add 4 to 8 oz. per 100 gallon of water. Pump-up sprayers dilute 1/2 oz.
in 1 gallon. Bonnet cleaning dilute 1/2 oz. in 1 gallon. Rotary cleaning dilute 1/2 oz.
in 1 gallon. Spot remover dilute 1 to 256 parts water. Upholstery, fire and water
restoration dilute 1/2 oz. in 1 gallon. You can even make your own cleaning
solution! Small size but makes an incredible 25 5-gallon pails of stock.

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Magic Potion Passes CRI Random Test October 2011

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What Customers Have to Say!
  • "I am writing to let you know that after using your cleaning products Magic Potion and Oxy-Blaster I am completely satisfied with the results of both these products. Magic potion works equally as well on carpet and upholstery, the moderate pH of this product surpasses other high pH products that I have used. It has no odor and is not noxious to work with, which is important to this carpet cleaner. On Olefin Berber carpets I pre-spray using my Hydro-Force (which I keep ready mixed as my general cleaning prespray) and then I spray over this with Oxy-Blaster using a pump-up sprayer. This allows me to fresh mix Oxy-Blaster only as needed. This works to boost the Magic Potion on difficult soil levels. And here is the really good news, these two products replace 5 products I used to carry on my truck. Thank You."
  • Ronald Brunette, Best Way Carpet Cleaning, Florida
  • "The Magic Potion is the best detergent I have used and I have bought everything available here and quite a few American ones. Finally I used Magic Potion for bonnet cleaning a carpet that has given me trouble for 4 years. It is a church which s mainly used by old people and they spill more coffee than I could drink in a year. The carpet has come up beautifully and none of the stains reappeared. It has gotten out stains that I thought would never come out."
  • Greg Dunsmore, Australia.
  • "I'm beginning to like the Magic Potion real real well. It is the kind of thing you can give to your tech and not have to worry. Plus it cleans really good too."
  • Dave Phillips, J & J Carpet Cleaning, Alaska
  • "I tested the Magic Potion on my own carpets at home and love it. It really has the cleaning power... I plan on using it as a unique selling tool by offering my customers an environmentally safe product."
  • Anthony Brown, B & B Carpet Cleaning, Indiana
  • "I was cleaning a really dirty carpet. I worked on one area for 20 minutes with a competitors chemical. Then I used the Magic Potion and the dirt just came right out! I am definitely sticking with the Magic Potion from now on."
  • Gill Dailey, Carpet Pro, Georgia
  • "This stuff is amazing and so economical! Everything you said about it is true. I use a Bane Clean Machine and I add it directly to my fresh water tank. I can do more jobs a day because I don't have to go over the areas and so I get so many more jobs done before I need to refill my tank."
  • Kurt Telfair, Washington DC
  • "We use Magic Potion & Oxy-Blaster exclusively in our business. We save a ton on the cost of liquid chemical we used to use before. The way we use it is, we first pre-spray with Magic Potion. If anything does not come out, like in front of couches, we boost it with Oxy-Blaster. The other day, we cleaned a white carpet that had hanging blinds by the window that had created black air-filtration between the window and blinds. We sprayed it with Oxy-Blaster, gave it 15 minute dwell time, came back and rinsed it out. The stains came right out. 99% of all stains come right out. We don't have to worry about anything. These two products are great!"
  • Aaron Mercer, Advanced Air
  • "I love that Magic Potion. Now I'm using it exclusively in my business. I use it for everything. It is also extremely cost effective!"
  • Tim Mickelsen, Clean Your Carpets, Inc
  • "I used Magic Potion on a commercial carpet that was really dirty. The carpet came out great! My customer was so happy... I got a 35,000 sq ft job out of it!"
  • Mel Weilacher, Berks Ceiling & Floor Care, PA
  • "That Magic Potion is a miracle cleaner! I will not use any other detergent or pre-spray without adding some of the Magic Potion with it. I really can't live without it! If anyone has doubts or wants to hear first hand they can call me on my cell phone - (210)854-1700"
  • Bill Parsons, G & H Carpet Care, San Antonio, TX

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Magic Potion January 11, 2018
Reviewer: Dana from Arizona  
I use it for carpet, upholstery, tile & grout.  I keep buying it because it keeps on working well.  I purchase the 4x concentrate which saves on shipping costs.

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FIVE STAR December 2, 2017
Reviewer: John Strong from IPSWICH, Queensland Australia  

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