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By Colin Croteau
Magic Wand Carpet Cleaning Customer

This is part 1 of a three part series, providing you, the floor cleaning company, some very
simple, yet extremely effective marketing tips that you can implement as soon as today!
Some of these points may seem painfully obvious, yet, they are often overlooked, leading to
a service value that will not reach its full potential. All of these points are what I call “off-site”

1. “Perceived value”-

Often times, carpet cleaners get so wrapped up in the quality of their work and
building what I like to call “on-site value”, that they forget about what I refer to as:
“off-site value.”
Although quality should be of the utmost importance to the carpet cleaner, you’d be
shocked to know that your customer does not care about quality as much as you do.
Think about it - famous mega-companies like McDonald’s, Nike, and Walmart do not
offer the highest quality of goods and food. Yet, they maintain steady market share
growth, are household names, and are trusted by consumers across the globe.

Why is that? The answer is simple: perceived value. This is the concept of creating
an image of your service quality to your customer, before any business interaction
actually takes place.

This can be achieved by improving or adding any of the following:
#1 Fresh, relevant logo: Your logo should look modern, yet timeless; meaning, it
should be as good for today’s crowd, and tomorrow’s crowd alike. A logo that doesn’t
lose it’s allure with time, is a logo that will help a company reach the sky. Relevance
doesn’t necessarily mean it has to embody your offered service, either. Relevance
can have to do with your service provider area: for instance, if you live in Boston,
implement a celtic theme into your carpet cleaning service, or a red sox theme into
your service… these are already recognized by your entire service area, are specific
to your service area, and will actually establish a trust for your service in the mind of
the potential customer, based on the familiarity of your logo.

It doesn’t have to be sports related either, it can pertain to anything your city may be
noted for: for example, Chicago the “Windy City” ; Windy City Carpet Cleaning, using
a fresh and sharp cartoon image of a cloud blowing, emulating wind. Your logo
matters, and having a fresh relevant logo will certainly add perceived value to your
You can also try to use certain colors within your logo, as colors often represent
emotion, and people make decisions on emotion. For my business, I want to come off
as a trustworthy service provider: so I use navy/ royal blue, which represent
trustworthiness, steadfastness, etc.

#2 High quality business card: You’d be surprised at how often someone will judge
you by your business card. When you are out door knocking, or handing out your
business card: you need a card that sets you apart from the other business cards..
I’m not just talking the other carpet cleaners business cards, I literally mean any other
business card your potential customer may have on hand. People are handed
business cards everyday, especially business owners for those commercial accounts.
Make sure your business card makes a statement.
How you can do this, is by choosing a simple design, yet with your great logo clearly
displayed. No need for rounded corners or anything fancy, instead, supplement those
things with thicker card stock. Thicker card stock is higher quality, and creates a
perceived value in the mind of your customer that you are a higher quality service
provider. Flimsy, cheaply made business cards, will often make you come off across
that way as well. Glossy cards are not as great as you think either, especially when
coupled with a poorly designed logo, and rounded corners. These types of cards
often look cheesy, and will likely find a place in the trash before they find a place in
your customers hand ready to call you back.
If you really must get fancy, add what's called a “spot UV” to your card, but only on
your logo. The spot UV makes your logo stand out even more, and will give your
customer an easier time remembering you while it creates that much more perceived

You can use this same idea across the board: for your website, any brochures,
vehicle wraps or vinyl lettering. Don’t be scared to hire a professional, it can set you
back a few hundred dollars for a quality logo design, but you won’t regret it!

2. Dress like the boss, not the employee! But - make your employees dress like the

This may be incredibly obvious to some, yet often times it is absolutely overlooked by the
carpet cleaner. Dressing like the boss does not mean wearing dress pants and a sports
jacket to work! You are a carpet cleaner, not a wall-street executive (not yet at least). Unless
you are strictly in the office, do not dress to the nines! It’s cheesy, and easy to see through.
Your customer knows you are a blue-collar worker (even if you get paid like a doctor!).
Overdoing is just as bad as under-doing it. Aim for a happy, middle-ground: nice khakis, with
collared t-shirt (a.k.a golf shirt) including your logo on it….. tucked in! Having your shirt
tucked in is a huge marketing strategy that adds perceived value and markets you and your
brand as being a professional service. This is both “onsite” and “offsite” marketing. It sets a
tone for who you are: you are the boss, and you ARE a boss!
As for your employees, mandate that they wear clothing as nice as yours, but make yourself
distinguished from them, by having a slightly better shirt, or a different color. Stay away
from obviously formal dress shoes, too, wear casual yet classy shoes or just a nice solid
color pair of running shoes.
If you don’t do this already, start today! And watch the first impression you make slowly
begin to change for the better - adding value to your service.

3. Get in your customers mind:

The most important part of branding, is getting your brand stuck in the mind of your
customer. This is fairly simple to do, and can be done for free, or done with just $30 a month.
How I do this is:
A. Before and after photos with your logo on every single photo! Any image you post to your
website, your blog, your Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc… should all have your
logo slapped on it! Consider it the “stamp of approval” before posting it online. It’s very
simple to understand, the more your potential customer sees your logo,the more likely they
are to remember you, and call you when they need you! This adds value to your service
because you become a trusted name, not because they’ve even used your service: but
because they see you around, and you are familiar to them, and there's a certain sense of security in familiarity.

B. Logo on everything you own! Slap a logo on your vehicle, your shirt, your pens, your
equipment: anything and everything! The more the better, you truly can’t overdue it with this
trick! You can even make “secondary logos” that are connected to your primary logo, yet
simpler and less invasive, for example: the golden arches of McDonald’s, the Nike
Checkmark, Adidas Pyramid etc..

C. Continuous, website promotion, ad-runs on Facebook! For as little as a dollar a day you
can create a Facebook ad that will literally run every single day, with a direct link to your
website. Add pictures of your before and afters to the advertisement, with your logo slapped
on it to not only increase perceived value, but also that memory retention.

So there you have it, here are 3 simple, yet effective marketing strategies that you can
implement to add value to your service. And if you’ve made it this far, adding value equates
to one thing: higher job pricing which equals more money in your pocket.

Magic Wand Company is a supplier of carpet cleaning machines, equipment & chemicals.